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Bliss cover
$3.99 Bliss
(piano solo)
Sophia Blayney
Late Intermediate

Bliss came about as a happy accident. While improvising on the piano, a simple melody was created reminding me of a daydream. As the melody evolved, I realized that it was bringing up feelings of peace and nostalgia. For me, Bliss is memories of simplicity and serenity; summer childhood days, climbing the giant maple tree in my backyard, the smell of a freshly mowed lawn lingering in the air. For someone else, this will evoke entirely different emotions. The beauty of music is that it is unique to each individual’s listening experience. Whatever the memory, I hope it is a blissful one.
- Sophia

Butterfly Dance cover
$3.99 Butterfly Dance
(piano solo)
David Nevue
Late Intermediate

While visiting Yellowstone, I watched a butterfly dance its way around a dozen boiling, steaming mud pits, just flitting around like there was no danger nearby at all. It seemed so happy and carefree. I kept thinking... "Hey little butterfly, watch out... watch out... watch out!" But of course, the little butterfly danced flawlessly as if to say, "Danger? What danger? This is fun!" That picturesque moment stayed with me.
- David

Dances of the Seasons cover
$8.95 Dances of the Seasons
(piano solo suite)
Emilee Hartley
Late Intermediate - Early Advanced

I wrote Dances of the Seasons as a collection of four works, one for each season. Each piece reflects the signs and feelings of the corresponding season, from the lighthearted "Allemande of Spring," to the dark and mysterious "Winter Ice Tango." I was inspired by the different colors that each part of the year brings, and incorporated these colors into these expressive dances.
- Emilee

Insecta cover
$9.99 Insecta
(piano solo suite)
Emma Cardon
Late Intermediate - Advanced

I have always been fascinated by the world that exists right beneath our feet. With Insecta, I have attempted to write a set of pieces showing this world as it really is – not as a disturbing menagerie of creepy-crawlies, but as an interesting and beautiful collection of diverse creatures that add color to our daily lives. Each of the six movements depicts a different insect I have found in my backyard: a recklessly independent dragonfly weaving between river reeds; an earthworm, isolated in the dark, silent earth; a nimble pond skater dancing a ballet on the water’s surface; a good-natured ground beetle ambling aimlessly; a sonorous cricket whose song is interrupted by constant panic at every outside sound or movement; a belligerent yellow jacket buzzing angrily. I hope you enjoy playing these pieces, and that they make you think about the tiny, fascinating lives that are so often overlooked. To find magic, we need not look further than our own backyards.
- Emma

Pisces cover
$3.99 Pisces
(piano solo)
Ioana Ilie

I have always been fascinated by the constellations: not in terms of astronomy, but in terms of the psychology and variety of the characters. This piece should illustrate dualism and fluidity, which is achieved by both hands alternating in the melody during the whole piece. The constantly flowing waves that is found in the repeated pattern of the accompaniment indicates the fish arising from and falling back into the water. Pisces are supposed to be warm and generous people. I hope my composition brings forth this feeling!
- Ioana

Prelude to Dusk cover
$3.99 Prelude to Dusk
(piano solo)
Emilee Hartley
Late Intermediate

I wrote this piece as a scene, taken from the outdoors during sunset. The world quiets as the sun fades away, as if it is slipping into a restful sleep for the night. This work expresses a feeling of peace, as everthing happening during the daytime hours slows down for a time of rest and rejuvenation
- Emilee

Red Rocks Rhapsody cover
$3.99 Red Rocks Rhapsody
(piano solo)
Kevin Olson
Late Intermediate

One of the best parts about writing music is that it lets me travel throughout the country and the world, meeting great people and seeing many beautiful places. I can’t think of many spots with the striking variety and color of Central Colorado, with its massive purple mountain ranges, green rolling hills, clear blue lakes and rivers, and red rock formations. I wrote Red Rocks Rhapsody with this vista in mind, trying to capture the energy of the scenery and the inspiring people I’ve met there. I hope you enjoy it!
- Kevin

Songbird Serenade cover
$3.99 Songbird Serenade
(piano solo)
Wynn-Anne Rossi
Late Intermediate

The voice of music surrounds us in our daily lives. Music sings through waves on the water and breezes in the trees. Perhaps most noticeable are the ever-present vocalizations of the beautiful songbirds. I am an avid lover of birdwatching! The view from my piano looks over a backyard, full of active bird feeders. I love listening to their wild, always surprising calls. And I’ve noticed these little birds like the sound of my piano! Songbird Serenade captures some of my favorite bird calls, beginning with the black-capped chickadee. As you practice the piece, you can take delight in the musical challenge of identifying these independent voices. More importantly, the music reflects the gift of peace and vibrant energy these tiny creatures express each morning and throughout the day. Enjoy!
- Wynn-Anne

Sunday Morning Fire - Late Night Embers cover
$3.99 Sunday Morning Fire - Late Night Embers
(piano solos)
Jackson Burkey

During my first hibernation at Columns By The Sea, Cape May, New Jersey, I discovered a few interesting facets: The city of Cape May is almost deserted during January when I composed the Cape May Preludes. Her residents were more than ready for some quiet time following the Christmas and New Year's busy influx of visitors. Few eating establishments remained open; some offer service only on weekends. Only occasionally does one see other people. For me it was a state of supplement quiet, accompanied by the sound of the sea and interrupted only by thought. As it turned out, this quiet isolation brought about my Cape May Preludes. The Preludes were written in response to many of the feelings I experienced. They are about the weather, the people and animals encountered during this, my first writing "sabbatical" on the Atlantic Coast.

The main Victorian living room at Columns By The Sea houses a large gas fireplace, ready and willing for guests to enjoy. I was inspired many times, due to the combination of winter weather and fire, to go to the small grand piano nearby and compose. Such was the case with Sunday Morning Fire. The Opening prelude was written while waiting for one of Bernadette's (the innkeeper) weekend gourmet breakfasts.

This is another fire, another time, with a very small glass of sherry or port. It is another evening after writing all day and basking in the quietness of the sea and the inn.
- Jackson

Sunrise cover
$3.99 Sunrise
(piano solo)
Kristen Personius

Sunrise is dedicated to our dear friend Debbie Turner who continues to bring light and radiance into people’s lives.

Sunrise is a piece composed after being inspired by the radiant sunrises in Colorado. I remember sitting at my piano watching the golden sunrise illuminate the sky. I wanted to capture this picturesque scene in a composition and as a result, Sunrise was composed. The first section of the piece reflects the soft light that appears before the sun fully rises. As the song progresses the light becomes brighter and this is reflected in the energy and dynamics of Sunrise. In the middle section of the piece the dynamics become softer to symbolize the different colors shifting and changing in the morning sky. The last section of Sunrise carries a high energy and boldness to reflect the sun fully emerging into the sky.
- Kristen

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